Company Profile


Damati, established in 2003, specializes in manufacturing and export of all types of Plastic products, primarily supplied to a significant clientele in the Food Packaging Industry.

Founded and owned by Mr. Sunil K. Parwani, Damati is a family run business that has steadily grown to be recognized as a market leader in the food packaging industry, for its range of multi-purpose plastic products.

Our Director

Our director, Mr. Sunil Parwani, has been part of the industry since 2003. Mr. Sunil’s strong inclination towards design and manufacturing, coupled with his knowledge and experience in business, have lead to the steady growth of Damati Plastics

Mr. Sunil Parwani

“We are humbled by Damati being recognized as a global name in the food packaging industry. Our experience in the industry, and the facilities we are operating, give us the added benefit of acting as an OEM supplier to companies that source plastic products of any specifications. Our vision is to supply quality products for various industry applications, and grow with our vendor and client partners.”

Mission & Vision


At Damati, our vision is to be recognized as a leading plastic product manufacturing company providing quality merchandise. We strive to maintain long term relationships that are rewarding and favourable to all involved. Damati is devoted to a culture of endless development

Mission Statement

  • To thrive as a reliable, ethical and productive business in the years to come.
  • Satisfy our clients by meeting their expectation and requirements, in terms of product quality and service.
  • Carry out most favourable use of accessible resources for innovation and constant improvement in the quality of products.
  • To study and judge the industry trends and work towards being organized before every step.
  • Build and maintain ethical working relations with customers and suppliers alike.